Paul Briggs

The Art of Boxing.

Transformation of Life.


Boxing for Fighters – As a Master of boxing in the ring, I now train fighters in the craft. My methodology imparts knowledge gained from my experience gathered over a lifetime in the fight game coupled with an intricate understanding of the body and its movement. Fighters I work with undergo a strict induction process to evaluate each individual’s motivation and intent before embarking on a mutually beneficial journey both in and out of the ring.

Boxing for fitness and well-being – Train with me one-on-one or in a group to learn both the technical and the practical aspects of boxing to lose weight, gain physical and psychological balance, get fitter, healthier, sharper and mentally stronger. Suitable for anyone young or old, experienced or an absolute beginner.

Boxing to transform your mindset consulting – Learn life mastery principles that are transformational in every aspect of your life. This process is holistic. First, building foundation within the individual through the correction of diet, thinking, action and word. Then, through the art of reduction, all that does not serve the individual in all areas is cut away to create balance. Once balance is created principle is learnt and applied. Through repetition, the technical within life is mastered so as to create the agile mind that responds rather than reacts. The agility of the responsive mind has the highest level of adaptability to life.

The Art of Boxing Seminars – Whether it be an individual, a corporate organisation or a sporting team the optimal individual creates the optimal team. I deliver keynote speeches and interactive seminars that inspire the individual to seek their optimum that will build teams of strength and power. A team must function in order to achieve greater outcomes and through the use of the principles of Boxing I illustrate how a team can work in unison, just as the body and it’s parts must work as a fine tuned machine when in combat.

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Paul Briggs