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The Art of Boxing.

Transformation of Life.

All power is created from the ground up for a boxer.

The power of the punch both literally within boxing and metaphorically from a life perspective is created from the acquisition of knowledge.

In boxing, power is created via the body working in unison with itself. One must understand and know how the body works as one unit to gain power. As a teacher, this is the single greatest challenge to overcome. Most of us have departmentalised our bodies so the top half is not connected to the bottom (i.e. the bottom half is moving quicker than the top and the left is moving faster than the right). Power is unevenly distributed because of the lack of awareness that individuals have within their own bodies.

To create power within the body we begin within the hip structure or the Sacral. The Sacral is the pivot point of our bodies. It is where energy is built to ultimately be released throughout the body and out of the fists. When throwing a punch we drop our weight into our hips and that weight is therefore forced down into the ground. As the force travels down into the ground it hits through the base of the heel, reverberates back up through the legs into the sacral, slides up the spine and is redistributed via the shoulders out of either fist. Loss of power when striking occurs when the redistribution of energy from a moving body part (such as the shoulders or head) are not in balance with the complete body. Knowledge of power of the body therefore has its foundations in the knowledge of balance.

Once balance is mastered we progress into moving balance (i.e. stance). Developing knowledge of stance requires an individual to master the process of standing evenly on both feet with the sacral directed perfectly between the two. Balance, weight, energy and the mind are all focused into the sacral. From this focal point in the sacral all flows out via the spine, the shoulder, arm and fist of the striking hand.

All foundations are created in stance. The seed for the power of the punch is grounded in stance. As the stance is mastered and balance is achieved, every resulting punch is delivered masterfully, powerfully and within flow. Relaxation produces speed and speed produces power. Only within stance can one relax. As in life, only within stance can one relax and have the ability to move in an agile manner and adapt to all of life’s challenges (similar to a boxer’s ability to avoid strikes being thrown at them).

As a teacher focusing on power and increasing punching power, metaphorically this translates across into the lives of those whom I work with. The power of the strike and the process to increase power translates into increasing the power of intention, the power of delivery and the power of execution all of which, when applied, will benefit individuals in their life pursuits. From a boxing perspective, the ability to increase punching power coupled with balance and stance is the pure essence of boxing. It is hit and not be hit. It is the art of the dance.

As a master of boxing I teach principles that are applicable not only in the ring but in all aspects of our lives. Understanding and applying these principles will lead you on your own path towards mastery whether it be in boxing or your chosen life quest. These principles of mastery are applicable to all things.

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